Inspecting Roof Damage After A Storm

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It’s been said that Hurricane Harvey left about 153,000 homes in the Houston area damaged, and that number could rise even further. But what about facilities? If you think your facility may have suffered some damage, first please file a report with This will help Houston get a better estimate on the types of damages to commercial properties like yours. For instance, one of the most common types of damages after a storm is to your roof.


You need to assess the most dangerous priorities on your list to address with aroof such as leaks. Leaks have to be addressed right away, and also check the roof drains and gutters to see if they are free of any potential clutter that might prevent healthy drainage.


Flashings also can present an issue. Please check to see if they are still secure, and if not, then water may have gotten into the building. If you have an uneven roof, please check the intersections and roof levels to make sure everything is in its place as it should be.


Another common sign of roof damage is what you hear when you walk on your roof. If you hear a crunching sound when you walk on the roof of your facility, then the roof may have been loosened by the storm. It’s time to bring in a roofing inspector. They can go over the damage, offer recommendations for fixing any damage found during the inspection, and provide you with information needed. If there is a lot of damage to the roof, use the bid from the roofing inspector and talk to the insurance company if you need to repair the entire roof. This is only if more than 25% or 30% of the roof is damaged.

If you’re not sure about how to do a roofing inspection properly, you can call us at Revitalize Facility Maintenance Texas at 281 888 0430.