The Way Your Store Looks Matters To Your Customers

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It’s been often said that people judge a book by its cover before making the decision to buy. Your customers do the same as well when they decide whether they should come inside to browse your store. A weathered exterior, visible stains in places on the sidewalk such as oil slicks, gum patches, and cracks, along with poor landscaping and inaccessible parking lots can keep your customers away.


Curb appeal matters as a part of store patronage. This is why you should consider seasonal exterior management services as a part of your retail maintenance program. Consider your consumer’s vantage point with these questions below:


  1. Are the sidewalks presentable? Any visible cracks or ugly spots in front of your store?
  2. Is the parking lot accessible with clear lines for parking? Are there any major potholes or cracks that make for uneven driving?
  3. What does your landscaping look like? Any vibrant flowers, greens, or plants in front of your entrance or around your establishment?
  4. If you have any fences around your store or in the parking lot area – are they damaged? Are they in need of repair?
  5. Do your windows look worn? Is the paint peeling on the exterior? Any cracks that are visible on the front of your store?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time for you to hire us at Revitalize Facility Maintenance Texas. To learn more about how our exterior maintenance and renovation services work for your retail or facility, please give us a call at (281-888-0430).