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3 Reasons To Hire A Cleaning Service For Your Office

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If your business has grown to the size where you’ve officially rented office space for your employees to work in, congratulations! However, it’s not cool to ask your employees to clean your office since it wastes their productivity and their time.


Looks Matter To Prospective Clients


Having a clean, neat office is vital to making that crucial first impression to your prospective client or to land that deal you’ve been dreaming of for weeks. If your office is dirty or disorganized, and a bit grimy in places, trust us, your prospective clients DO notice that. Don’t lose them because of a bad first impression.


A Dirty Office Makes Your Employees Sick


If people are always sick in your office, and you’re losing sales and productivity due to employee abstenteeism, it may be because of your office environment. Eradicate those germs with a regular weekly or daily cleaning service to keep your employees healthy and increase their productivity.


Don’t Waste Time On Cleaning Tasks


Don’t burden your employees with cleaning tasks which can add up over time, which cuts down on valuable time that your employees can be using to perform necessary work to keep your business running. Outsource your cleaning tasks to us at Revitalize Facility Maintenance because we get the job right, and professionally tackle any cleaning issues with your office.

For more information on how Revitalize Facility Maintenance can keep your office in its peak condition and attractive to anyone that enters your facility, call us at 281-888-0430.

We’re here to help you focus on what you do best — running your business without any distractions.

The Way Your Store Looks Matters To Your Customers

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It’s been often said that people judge a book by its cover before making the decision to buy. Your customers do the same as well when they decide whether they should come inside to browse your store. A weathered exterior, visible stains in places on the sidewalk such as oil slicks, gum patches, and cracks, along with poor landscaping and inaccessible parking lots can keep your customers away.


Curb appeal matters as a part of store patronage. This is why you should consider seasonal exterior management services as a part of your retail maintenance program. Consider your consumer’s vantage point with these questions below:


  1. Are the sidewalks presentable? Any visible cracks or ugly spots in front of your store?
  2. Is the parking lot accessible with clear lines for parking? Are there any major potholes or cracks that make for uneven driving?
  3. What does your landscaping look like? Any vibrant flowers, greens, or plants in front of your entrance or around your establishment?
  4. If you have any fences around your store or in the parking lot area – are they damaged? Are they in need of repair?
  5. Do your windows look worn? Is the paint peeling on the exterior? Any cracks that are visible on the front of your store?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time for you to hire us at Revitalize Facility Maintenance Texas. To learn more about how our exterior maintenance and renovation services work for your retail or facility, please give us a call at (281-888-0430).

Inspecting Roof Damage After A Storm

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It’s been said that Hurricane Harvey left about 153,000 homes in the Houston area damaged, and that number could rise even further. But what about facilities? If you think your facility may have suffered some damage, first please file a report with This will help Houston get a better estimate on the types of damages to commercial properties like yours. For instance, one of the most common types of damages after a storm is to your roof.


You need to assess the most dangerous priorities on your list to address with aroof such as leaks. Leaks have to be addressed right away, and also check the roof drains and gutters to see if they are free of any potential clutter that might prevent healthy drainage.


Flashings also can present an issue. Please check to see if they are still secure, and if not, then water may have gotten into the building. If you have an uneven roof, please check the intersections and roof levels to make sure everything is in its place as it should be.


Another common sign of roof damage is what you hear when you walk on your roof. If you hear a crunching sound when you walk on the roof of your facility, then the roof may have been loosened by the storm. It’s time to bring in a roofing inspector. They can go over the damage, offer recommendations for fixing any damage found during the inspection, and provide you with information needed. If there is a lot of damage to the roof, use the bid from the roofing inspector and talk to the insurance company if you need to repair the entire roof. This is only if more than 25% or 30% of the roof is damaged.

If you’re not sure about how to do a roofing inspection properly, you can call us at Revitalize Facility Maintenance Texas at 281 888 0430.

Resources For Homeowners After Hurricane Harvey

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If you need immediate assistance, you can contact your local emergency management agency or call the FEMA hotline 1-800-621-3362 / TTY (800) 462-7585 for additional referrals.

If you are a renter or a homeowner, you may qualify for housing assistance from FEMA. It cannot duplicate any assistance you get from your insurance company.  FEMA housing assistance may cover items that are not covered by your insurance. Please apply for assistanceat

Learn more about what kinds of coverage FEMA may offer to you in assistance:


If you have your insurance policy paperwork, please call the number on it. If you currently do not have your insurance policy, call Texas Department Of Insurance at 800-252-3439, so they can help you locate the name of your insurance agent.

Before making repairs, please take pictures of all the damage and property items, don’t throw anything away before the insurance adjuster has seen it, and write down everything you spend on repairs and keep the receipts.


Go to to apply for assistance with transitional housing and look up which hotel you may be able to stay in:


If you have a FHA-backed insurance, you can qualify for relief with making mortgage payments on your home:

Harris County  Residential Debris & Damage Assessment Hotline


They will help you answer questions about the following list of services:

  • About debris separation and removal from public roads and residential subdivisions
  • Residential/commercial permits for repairing or replacing a damaged structure
  • Phone numbers for other recovery resources

The City of Houston wants to know if your house has been flooded so they can make documentary evidence to assess what is needed to rebuild the city’s infrastructure. Go file a report at


You can call the following numbers:

CALL 2-1-1 for the  United Way

CALL 866-526-8300 for the local Houston Red Cross

CALL 713-752-0677 for the American Red Cross

CALL the Lone Star Legal Aid if you need legal assistance at 713-652-0077

If you feel like you or someone you know may need counseling or someone just to talk to, please call the following numbers:

Disaster Related Crisis Counseling (24 hours)  713-970-7070

Catholic Charities  – 713-526-4611

Family Houston – 713-861-4849

Montrose Counseling Center – 713-529-0037

Have Questions About Your Home & Repairing It? Give Us A Call At 713-396-3596. We’re Here To Help!

Need An Immediate Response About Fixing Your Home? Email Us. We’ll Return Your Email Within 24 Hours

9 Steps every Homeowner needs to take After a Natural Disaster

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Call your mortgage company, car loan company, student loan & credit card companies. Ask for a 3-month reprieve from payments. There should be no late fees assessed. They will work with you. You may need the money to get back on your feet.

Take lots of photos. Call the insurance company asap. Get them to start your claim now. Anything under water is covered. Exception would be items that can be washed or stone counter tops. But laminate counters can be claimed because they are wood.

USE A LOCAL CONTRACTOR!!! Lots of con-artists will try to take advantage. Get written estimates from a contractor for repairs and ask for a W9 and their Insurance, so you know they're professional.

The contractor you use for a bid doesn’t have to the final decision you make, but you will need the proposal because the home owner insurance company needs them. If your proposal bid is higher, the better.

If it has a plug or an outlet and it was under water, DO NOT USE IT. Water and electricity do not mesh. Those outlets will corrode over time and house fires start - even in the future. Especially if this was salt or brackish water. Salt will corrode the wiring and outlets faster.

Wear an N-95 mask anytime you are indoors in a house that was flooded. People could contract bacterial and fungal pneumonia, and you could potentially be in the hospital for a few weeks to a month.

Empty your home quickly of items that are destroyed. If it has a plug, it is toast. If it runs on gas or electricity and was under water, it is trash. Cut drywall to 4' (the width of drywall.). It saves time and money when you are replacing it. Don't do it like on HGTV. No sledge hammers needed. Draw a line 4' above the floor. Cut with a razor blade. Put one hole in the wall and grab and pull.

Hopefully you have drywall nails in there and not screws. Remove insulation from that same area. Feel above for dampened insulation. If it is damp, go 2′ more up. Once you are sure you have all the wetness gone and are down to the studs, spray with bleach. You don’t want mold to grow. Make sure your windows are open.

Solid wood furniture? Spray with bleach or Wet and Forget from Home Depot type stores. Bleach is less expensive.

Everything will mold or mildew if not treated. It is not worth your health in the long run.

Expect that this will take 3 months on average to fix. From the time you begin tossing things out to the final paint coat.